Program Support

Program Management Support.

VPS provides full-range program management support and has the capability and readiness to develop, analyze, evaluate, and provide recommendations and methodologies for fully integrated and effective program management solutions. Once VPS has assessed the needs of a program, our specialists streamline each task to the client’s requirements. Our approach always ensures the following:
  • Assignment of experienced, qualified, and cross-functional team members to provide seamless, responsive, technically excellent support across all domains of weapon systems life cycle support.
  • Use of state-of-the-art program management tools for developing techniques that measure or maintain technical, cost, and schedule objectives.
  • Close coordination with client at task initiation, and constant integration of feedback throughout task.

Asset Management Support.

The VPS Team has developed extensive experience in asset management while sustaining the USMC fleet of ground combat and combat support equipment encompassing approximately 100,000 items of equipment, and ultimately supporting the extension of equipment service life through the Conditioned Based Maintenance concepts employed by the CPAC Program Office. Our Corrosion Service Teams (CSTs), consisting of field service technicians and quality assurance personnel, are deployed throughout the USMC with the objective of first assessing each item of equipment for corrosion damage, and then preventing or mitigating corrosion as necessary through the application of corrosion inhibiting compounds and mitigation procedures approved by the CPAC Program Office. Once VPS specialists have assessed the corrosive condition of each equipment asset, the results of those assessments are loaded into the Program Management Database for storage, to be used for analysis and reporting purposes. Data obtained from the database is used by Marine Unit Commanders to identify candidates for CST efforts such as surface preparation, spot painting, and the application of corrosion inhibiting compounds. This data also assists in budgeting for corrosion maintenance dollars, assessing equipment readiness, and identifying corrosion trends and problem areas to conduct criticality analysis and problem remediation.